Thursday, September 22, 2011


The movie reminded me of Hangover 2, which i saw last month. It had a rib tickling action, comedy and use of plenty of slang expletives.  The movie Delhi Belly is a slick adult comedy movie with A certification.

The story revolves around the hero Tashi ( Imran Khan ) Arup ( Vir Das ) Nithin ( Kunal roy ) who stay in a common room at Delhi’s Chandni chowk area. Tashi and Arup work for a press covering various events in the city as writer and photographer duo. The movie gets its funny title from an upset stomach, which generally happens to foreigners when they visit India. I remember an OZ cricketer Michael Clark was down with Delhi Belly. It was suspected that he had plenty of prawns and he suffered the fate of Delhi Belly. Similarly Arup consumes locally fried tandoori chicken in a kadai smothered with cooks sweat glands of under the belly. Arup is constantly butt of joke throughout the film, with water scarcity, how did he manage to clean his bum is a moot question, for this guys you have got to watch the movie for hilarious scenes and various shades of belly tickling sounds.

The novelty of this lollipop of a movie is that it does not have an interval, and for the director has come out with a cracker of a package involving crime, comedy and dialouges filled with sexy undertones. The heroine Shenaz Treasurywala has a very minor role to play adds cosmetic value to the film with her presence. The raunchy bedroom scene is well picturised with the hero.

Some of the action scenes are well shot in the crowded streets of Delhi. The car chase, the chawl type building partial collapse, and scenes at the jewellry shop is well picturised.

The villans role is enacted with aplomb by Vijay Raaz, one scene where he is supposed to receive diamonds wrapped in an wooden doll is really humourous. Tashi’s colleague Menaka ( Poorna Jaganathan ) too adds to the comic touch in the movie. The interview scene where trio interview an upcoming album singer for number I hate you like i Love you is capricious to the core.

Finally the producer Amir Khan comes out a Item number spoofing Yester years heroes Rishi Kapoor, Jitendra and Govinda with his climatic song I hate you I love you. the movie is certified as an adult movie because of liberal usage of the words F n B’s in the dialouges. It is meant for those who would like to mingle with the present generation, i imagine this situation to be prevalent in most boys hostel of the current generation. Go watch Delhi Belly if you love to have 90 minutes of unfrettered comic caper. Delhi belly is another hit from UTV along with collaboration with Amir Khan’s production house.

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