Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kite takes Off

We were cooly watching the Kite movie suddenly the movie was shut down due to agitation from the Kannada film producers.  The movie had 50% opening after the news was published that Kite may be banned from the theatres with the distributors violating the release of film in 40 theatres across Karnataka as against the accepted norm of 24 theatres.  This has caused heartburn for producers of Kannada movie, such as Nannu Nanna Kanasu, Nuraro Janamaku, etc.  I missed the first FDFS and thought that i would get to see matinee show at least.  This fiasco could have been avoided by the distributors of KITE by having a healthy dialogue with the association.  Unfortunately this agitation would open a pandora’s box in future releases.    I only hope we get to see the movie tomorrow with some resolution, luckily we were given refund of the ticket money.  

 After three days i got to see the movie with high expectation because the opener of the movie was well drawn up which I saw on the first day. I liked the opener sequence wherein J ( Hrithik Roshan ) does all types of odd jobs including marrying for sake of Green card status to migrants and making a fast buck on this account. But here the director faulters with the same costume he marries as many as 11 female and the 11th one gets to his skin by defualt and she happens to be a Mexican Natasha aka Linda ( Barbara Mori ). The deal is stuck for 1000 dollars with Linda falling short of 42 $ which happens to be brokers commission, who happens to be friend of J.

J forgets Linda, but fate has other plans on the hindsight. J starts teaching a hip hop salsa which is frequented by Gina ( Kangana Raut ) She falls in love head and shoulders with J. J does not mind loving the smell of money and being rich and famous in the shadows of his father in law ( kabir Bedi ) The story takes a twist with a punter being killed for cheating the casino owner. J does not like shady character of his would be father in law and bill.

The communication gap between J and Linda is well picturised. Spanish language is translated into English sub titles which makes it easy for the audience to follow. The movie was much hyped for the chemistry between Barbara and Hrithik. Forget chemistry and physics, this seems to be only ruse to attract the audience to the theatre.

Las Vegas location and Mexican border where the shooting of the film has taken place is a huge plus. The movie seems to have been heavily edited by the producer for avoiding controversy. The stunts have been well picturised with foreign stunt co-ordinators obviously. The movie ending seems to be disappointing for most of the audience who had to walk away with a heavy heart from the theatre. I strongly felt that the ending could have been modified which would have made film more palatable.

The quality of production, location, and background music is a big plus. The disappointment was in the form of lack of dance number between J and Linda. Kangana Raut dance was zazzy but she had a short role and pulled it off well. Overall Kite has the look of hollywood movie which did not go well with domestic audience. I being lover of hollywood movie loved every minute of it. The movie had scope for plenty of romantic scenes which seems to have been censored to suit the Universal audience otherwise the movie would have received A certificate.

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